Posted on Jan 3, 2014


Aloha Windsurfing Clinics wishes you a New Year full of all the good stuff… Smiles, wind, sunsets, good food and company.


I was thinking the other day how windsurfing can be a kind of reflection of how we deal with life in general. Do we give up because we failed once, twice even three times, or do we just shrug it off, smile and get right back up and try again. Enjoying the challenge is part of it. Being challenged is what keeps it interesting. There are good days on the board and bad days for us all.  With the right head space all our efforts become good days and we realize some of our more frustrating moments can be our greatest leaps forward. It’s a whole package. The good comes with the bad… The dark with the light… And the balance with the fall….

DSC_0311 IMG_1715

Though we can certainly make our efforts to learn something new more constructive and effective. I personally have always had great instructors around me, whether learning to windsurf, surf or snowboard. This has eased the pain of the learning curve and has swept me through the different levels of windsurfing a little faster. I did not learn to windsurf when I was ten. I was up-hauling at twenty-five without a doubt I’d be in waves the next year. And I was… It’s all just a stated of mind. Anything is possible.


And with another year comes more endless possibilities…

Warm hawaiian winds,

Shawna and Matt


2014 is here and so are the Aloha Windsurfing Clinic Dates:

March 15th-22nd Maui’s north shore

May 17th-24th  Maui’s north shore

April 12th-19th Ladies Clinic- Maui’s north shore

June 14th-21rst Maui’s north shore

July 1rst-5th The Gorge

October 11th-18th Maui’s north shore



Windsurfing Camp at Four Seasons Resort Maui

November 10th -15th


Matt and Shawna will be running most of the Aloha Windsurfing Clinics out of their usual north shore rental. This venue is great for learning to use your footstraps and harness more effectively, learning to jibe and maybe try some waves. It’s an improver to advanced venue.


New Things on the Aloha Windsurfing Menu

Matt and Shawna ran a very successful beginner to improvers week holiday out of the Four Seasons. It’s a more upmarket event but for those who would like to be surrounded by a little more luxury and a beginner friendly environment then this holiday is for you. If you are interested here is a write up on the last event held Nov 2013:


Shawna will be running a ladies only clinic April on Maui. please contact her directly if you are interested:


Matt and Shawna will run their first  Aloha Clinic at the Gorge this summer. Please contact Shawna directly if you are

Aloha Windsurfing Clinic. Kanaha Beach, Maui; Hawaii. March 2013.

Below are links to write ups and photos of all our 2013 Aloha Windsurfing Clinic Events!  

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Nov 2013 Four Season Unforgettable Aloha Windsurfing Clinic Event: