Posted on Mar 30, 2012





Winter months on Maui are not as known for wind as they are for big waves, but this year March gales relentlessly and sails us right through into April. There’s a lot of chin-wagging going on about unusual global weather patterns… The east coasters have already replaced their parkas for shorts while the west coast can’t see the end of the deep freeze. Hawaiian islanders are complaining about frayed nerves as it’s been an unusually wind battered winter.  They’re torn out of their deep sleeps in the early mornings by blasts of rain hitting their houses so hard it’s like waking up to a giant sized fire hose rinsing. These kind of showers in Haiku mean only one thing. There’s no doubt that it’s still extremely windy on Maui.

You scored this year If you chose Maui for your Spring Break windsurfing holiday destination. Our March Aloha Clinic started on St. Patrick’s Day with high winds which tamed down for only a couple of cushy lighter wind days. By the end of the week the winds were up and racing once again. The last two days of the clinic were spent at Kanaha where the flat water on the inside was a reprieve for those not quite ready for full on mast high wavesailing conditions which were breaking on the outer reefs. The week went by like a time warp beam, as it does when you are out having fun windsurfing everyday. It was a perfect learning week, challenging all our guest with it’s fluctuating conditions.

The conditions both coddled us with some nice cruising 5.0 days on 90 liter boards as well as pushed our limits with some challenging maxed out 4.0 days. It was a rainbow spectrum of conditions to test our full quiver of light wind skills up to our high wind skills to help us break through to the next level… and to the next level we went.



We had a relaxed sociable group of varying abilities and ages (male & female) adding more texture to our Aloha Windsurfing holiday experience. It was just as fun off the water as it was on, where we enjoyed much story telling around the camp fire so to speak. Delicious mexican, indian, french food and pizzas were experienced and devoured after full days on the water. Huge meals, a glass of red wine or a beer, and endless hours of windsurfing have got to be the perfect mix for a perfect day!

Matt and I look forward to sailing and having more fun in paradise with everyone during our May Aloha Windsurfing Clinic which starts on the 26th.




Other than Aloha Clinics going on in Maui… The end of March brings us the trickling return of pros from around the world and the more progressive bumper to bumper packed parking at Ho’okipa. It’s the beginning of the first days of photo shoot season where all the industries 2013 gear is on display. All the brands new colors, shapes and designs are unwrapped and let loose on Maui.



Forgetting about all this… I raced down to Hookipa early yesterday hoping for a quick uncrowded session when I was greeted by John Skye, Timo, Albeau, Polakow, Swifty, Boujmaa, and every other pro already rigged and ready before 11am!  My chances were slim to none for getting a wave with this kind of crowded company. There was no time for redirection of plans as I only had a couple hours before Reef woke up and tag team deals were up. Luckily I was saved by light onshore winds and I was actually able to enjoy a quick surf before the hordes of pros took over the water. I was stoked, the surf was empty and I had blast.

Robby Naish was the first one on the water and gave me a big smile and shaka totally cool with everything while you could feel a rush of fever coming off the beach as the others waited impatiently for conditions to work and surfers to get off the water.

As I got out the wind dropped even more and the Pryde team struggled in the doldrums as the yellow helicopter buzzed overhead. Photo shoot season is on. The mad race to get the shot even when conditions are not cooperating. It’s always the way… Surf competitions are leveled by wind and windsurfing shoots find the glass-offs!

Maui’s hips are shaking, there’s a steady beat of wind and action and it’s all revving up for the month of April.




Y ou can spend season after season trying to get to the next level, with the Aloha Clinics you can seriously do it in a week.  And where else can you sail alongside pros like Shawna Cropas and Matt Pritchard? One thing I really liked about the clinic is how safe I felt on the water and these two experts helped me build confidence in conditions I had never seen before; Aloha clinics I’m ready for round two. With the filming they do you can watch yourself each morning and they’ll show you exactly what you need to work on.  Dry land training was really fun too, everyone practicing together makes for a great sense of sportsman ship while cheering each other on.  Matt and Shawna will help you dig deep and do things that weren’t possible before. They can instantly identify what you’re doing wrong and help train you to do it correctly and become a better more confident sailor.

Aloha Clinics aren’t just about windsurfing either, Matt and Shawna share the Maui experience with you, take you to delightful local restaurants and they are a wealth of local knowledge.  Aloha Clinics- A truly unforgettable experience on Maui.

Mahalo Matt and Shawna! I can’t wait to come back!

Rich Colton Florence Oregon


I f you’re interested in doing a windsurfing clinic in one of the most heavenly settings on the planet, go to Maui. And if you’re game for an amazing skill development experience at the hands of a couple of totally cool local professionals, take an Aloha Windsurfing Clinic. No matter what your current skill level is, one week with expert instructor Shawna Cropas and former world champion Matt Pritchard will leave you a better, and thoroughly reinvigorated, windsurfer.

Maui was a fantastic location for everyone, from beginning waterstarters to aspiring wavesailors. The lessons were conducted partly in a group format, which facilitated lots of healthy interaction and camaraderie between students. However there was also plenty of one-on-one instruction, the quality of which was so outstanding that at times I could have easily forgotten I wasn’t the only person enrolled in the clinic!

Shawna and Matt are natural teachers, each with a keen eye and a fountain of knowledge and practical advice for correcting bad habits. I really appreciated their ability to customize their instructional language to suit different individuals with different sailing abilities (and even different preferences for learning). To no one’s surprise, Shawna and Matt were also so skillful out on the water that they could hover at will and shadow students anywhere in any conditions, and therefore provide instructions in real-time while sailing extremely close by.

I loved the fact Shawna and Matt were just a lot of fun to sail with. In fact, one of my fondest memories of the week is of Shawna sailing circles around me and simultaneously cheering me on loudly as I’m trying to catch a wave. Another is of myself crashing and burning in the impact zone and suddenly seeing Matt cannon-ball into the water beside me, just to verbally (and visually) remind me that even when you’re getting badly rinsed, “ITS ONLY WATER!”

My 17-year-old, sometimes-awfully-indifferent, son also declared the week an absolute blast. It certainly didn’t hurt that Shawna and Matt are so inspiring and easy to admire. Nonetheless, they took him from barely waterstarting and merely liking windsurfing beforehand, to fully waterstarting, sailing over breaking waves, and being totally stoked about the idea of a repeat-clinic for next year.

Shawna and Matt were the consummate hosts. Every other night they hung out with us at a local dining and/or après-windsurfing spot in Paia. During such outings, I tried not to be starstruck, but that was a tall order given the celebrity status of not only our personal chaperones, but also other famous windsurfers they tended to attract. Shawna and Matt, thank you so much for an unforgettable week. I look forward to bringing my family back for another clinic and more of your aloha spirit next year. Until then, Maui no ka oi, and that’s because you make it that way!

With fondest regards,

Jeff (and Pauline and Marcus) Vancouver, Canada