Posted on Jun 1, 2011

(ALoha) A-team with Matt and Shawna


Check out the video of this weeks windsurfing action!




Throw in 7 days of wind with 3 days of waves, a huge handful of sun and a group of unique characters with diverse backgrounds and stir that all up with a whole lot of laughter and you’ve got yourself a perfect windsurfing holiday! Our Aloha’s May Clinic was all that and so much more. With such perfect conditions there was barely  room for anything other than windsurfing, eating, sleeping and windsurfing some more. Matt and I led the way into this liquid windy paradise. It was a multilevel co-ed group of sailors from all around the world, South African Canadians, Colombian Americans, Brazillian Canadians, Swedish, Finnish, one Ozzy with a couple sprinkles of Kiwis.

Matt and I are able to traverse this wide terrain of skills by running these holidays together where the groups are able to move fluidly between us, depending on what they want to work on for the day. Usually all the different level sailors actually end up working on the same core skills at the same time but use them for their own personal goals. Such as either committing a hundred percent to the harness in order to get into the footstraps, or to handle heavy gust and sometimes just to sail fast and in control before a jibe etc… We find everyone learns from each others questions… Some guest find they are able to charge to the next level by stepping back to some basics for a moment to train out of old bad habits. We are all inspired by each other.. Hence why our motto is ‘windsurfing is for everyone’… All levels male or female. Maui is our diamond in this mix, as on any given day she offers flat water on the inside and a choice of waves to taste on the outside. This gives everyone the opportunity to test their limits or to take it more easy if they want.

Ice this cake of windsurfing’s ‘heavenly kingdom’ with a pad on the beach where coconut trees shake their hips to the steady beat of wind and gentle waves hush you to sleep… The cherry being, you can literally stumble from bed onto your board and sail off into the horizon upon opening your eyes!





W e do feel we are taking more than windsurfing classes…to us they are “Sophrology Sessions” for life. Now our teaching sessions are reaching the end of a chapter but the connection and positive energy both Shawna and Matt created for us is something priceless and special that will grow on us…


…. we keep talking and talking about this journey so in a good way we are missing the A – TEAM (Aloha Team)’


Maria and Daniel



I am pretty sure I will be there again October.  It was that good’.



H aving enjoyed over 20 years of windsurfing experience, I was surprised at how much I was able to learn from Shawna and Matt. Changing my stance has opened up a new world of early planing and smaller sails. Their sheparding gave me the confidence to venture into open ocean high winds and my first attempts at riding sizable waves. I strongly recommend their Maui clinic to anyone that wants to take their skills to a higher level and have fun while learning!


Fond regards – Ray


Hello Shawna and Matt


I am now back in Toronto, reenergized after 2 weeks of holidays in Maui.

I just want to thank you guys for a great clinic. I cannot describe my experience better than “transformational”. I knew, that I needed the clinic to improve my skills and get rid of bad habits. What i didn’t know is that i will emerge from the week of intense coaching as far more confident windsurfer, with a new approach to handling the wind, gear and my body and mind. You two work very well as a team, combing the on land and on the water instruction with skill, precision, fun and perseverance. You never gave up on any of us, no matter how stubborn we were in hanging on to our bad habits. Bit by bit, you chipped away the “bad paint” and offered us a ” new coat”. Only when it was finished could we see how much better it felt and looked. The video instruction with painful attention to details was indispensible. Picture, especially in  motion, is worth a thousand words. I liked your stepwise approach to any new manoeuvres, especially gybe. The approach with “stations” of gybe was very clear and made the most sense to me. I like that we all stared with proper stance, regardless of what our individual goals were and our skill level. This was a template you have used to improve all our skills. We had plenty of time on the water, practicing our low and higher wind sailing.

Thank you both for helping me to move to the next, more confident and efficient level of windsurfing.




Dr.Krystyna Ostrowska

Infectious Diseases Specialist

Head, Medical Microbiolgy

Director, Infection Control

Trillium Health Center