Posted on Nov 14, 2011





Our Aloha Oct Clinic ran the week before the American Windsurfing Tour Ho’okipa Wave Event, so there was a great windsurfing buzz hopping around town. Our clinic was blessed with windsurfing conditions for the whole week while our evenings were spent at some AWT social events surrounded by windsurfing super heroes or sampling new local style restaurants in Haiku.

The clinic week went off with a bang as the conditions eased us into a perfect learning experience. The east winds which typically blow strong on the outside forced us all to use our light wind skills to get to the wind line. Skills which are far more important than most people give credit. Quite simply if you don’t learn them you’ll probably have to opt out of more light wind days of sailing or spend too much time on the beach changing equipment instead of just adjusting you personal sailing skills such as stance.

There were a few days of rather large waves so we all headed to Kanana where we could work on our flat water skill on the inside while others could play outside where the surf was breaking on the reefs.

We had a great group with the ladies coming out in force! Of course I personally say ‘Hooray’ to this as I’ve always thought that windsurfing is a great sport for the fairer sex as it’s actually more about using subtle techniques and skill rather than just brute force! Besides windsurfing is such a great work out for both the body and mind. As usual the group was a mix of Canadians, Americans and our favorite Russian Max!

We look forward to running next years Oct Windsurfing Holiday Clinic week! Again, it will run the week before the AWT Event. So if you want to brush up on your windsurfing skills or go attack the waves competition style join Matt Pritchard and I in 2012!







I had amazing time at the clinic in October. I can’t believe how much my windsurfing skills have improved. Not only can I feel my body reacting differently to both high and light wind conditions, but I now understand  what is happening. The clinic’s combination of dry land drills, sailing with us and reviewing videos is fantastic. Matt and Shawna make a dynamic duo of different but clear and exciting teaching that gently nudges the student away from old bad habits and toward some serious sailing skills. Since the clinic, conditions have been technical with gusty and shifty winds, but by watching the wind and using everything I’ve learned, I’ve been able to sail confidently and even move down a board size. About three weeks after the clinic, I went down in Weird wave at Kanaha (strong current, strange waves breaking at different angles, light wind). It took me close to 15 minutes to get out, but I was relaxed and secure. I duck dived my gear like Shawna had taught me and flipped my sail as Matt instructed and sailed back to the beach with a smile on my face. Thank you both! I’ll be seeing you soon!’

Cassie Chow


I attended the Aloha Clinic with Matt Pritchard & Shawna Cropas. It was excellent: I’ve never had things presented the way they did it, & I feel that they will have more influence on how I sail in the future than anyone else ever has. I’m still not doing the carve gybe, but now I know that it will happen eventually!

I am hoping to go back to Maui for another Aloha Clinic with Matt & Shawna after I’ve had some more sailing time at home to practise what we were working on last week. I also really enjoyed watching the Makani Classic Friday & Saturday. It was exciting to see Shawna & many others in action there at Ho’okipa.

Nancy Cameron


Hello Shawna and Matt

I am now back in Toronto, reenergized after 2 weeks of holidays in Maui. I just want to thank you guys for a great clinic. I cannot describe my experience better than “transformational”. I knew, that I needed the clinic to improve my skills and get rid of bad habits. What i didn’t know is that i will emerge from the week of intense coaching as far more confident windsurfer, with a new approach to handling the wind, gear and my body and mind. You two work very well as a team, combing the on land and on the water instruction with skill, precision, fun and perseverance. You never gave up on any of us, no matter how stubborn we were in hanging on to our bad habits. Bit by bit, you chipped away the “bad paint” and offered us a ” new coat”. Only when it was finished could we see how much better it felt and looked. The video instruction with painful attention to details was indispensible. Picture, especially in  motion, is worth a thousand words. I liked your stepwise approach to any new manoeuvres, especially gybe. The approach with “stations” of gybe was very clear and made the most sense to me. I like that we all stared with proper stance, regardless of what our individual goals were and our skill level. This was a template you have used to improve all our skills. We had plenty of time on the water, practicing our low and higher wind sailing. Thank you both for helping me to move to the next, more confident and efficient level of windsurfing.



Dr.Krystyna Ostrowska Infectious Diseases Specialist Head, Medical Microbiolgy Director, Infection Control Trillium Health Center


F irst of all, congratulations on getting the 4th place in the Maui Classic. You were awesome! You looked so beautiful negotiating those waves! And this was just your casual run only to support other women in this race and this sport! You are not only a great athlete but a great teacher. A rare combo, indeed. It was a tur pleasure and an honor to see you in action. My girls are looking forward to see they old mother jumping on the waves and riding with one hand dangling in the back! I will definitely watch the video selectively,in my high moments( see the mistakes) and low moments( lookin’ good). They will also see my favorite instructors in action. Thank you for a wonderful time in Maui. Aloha.

Dr. Krystyna Ostrowska


Matt & Shawna –

T hank you both for a great windsurfing experience.  Sailing is on the brain big time, hoping to get a couple days of storm sailing in on Tahoe before the skiing ramps up, the jumping will be fun and winter’s coming so I’m pulling the 5/4 out.

My fire to windsurf was still burning, it just was not as hot as the biking and skiing fire, so thanks for fanning it an reminding me how much fun windsurfing is and that I don’t need to be wound up on a 5.0 to progress and have fun.  I’ll keep my notes and really can’t wait for my next opportunity to get on the water.

You have gotten Genevieve practicing her stance in the kitchen, I could not be happier that she got out there, went windsurfing and had a blast.  I think she was starting to wonder how many hours she could lie on the beach and look pretty, then caught one dry land training session and needed to dive in.

Have a great winter and look us up if you make the trip to Tahoe.

Jim & Genevieve


Shawna and Matt, I just want to thank you for helping Mary Jo during the Aloha clinic.  She said it was the most fun that she has had sailing in Maui which means we will get to go back!  You have renewed her enthusiasm for the sport and she is anxious to get back on her board.  It was a great clinic!

Mike Roark