Posted on Jun 10, 2013

Aloha Windsurfing Clinic May 2012aloha windsurfing clinicsAloha Windsurfing Clinics

This year’s May Clinic brought plenty of wind with small to no waves as the week progressed. The first day of sailing started with no holds barred, with the wind tearing up to 40 mph across Maui’s water. This is not always our favorite way to start a clinic, but we weren’t complaining as these were the first winds in weeks. The improvers spent the first day close to shore working on their waterstarts and by day two all the them had achieved their very first few! The improvers started sailing early while the winds were still manageable while the rest of the group headed out in, ‘the full balls to walls winds’ by noon. The flat water gave everyone plenty of opportunity to perfect their jibe technique while more advanced sailors worked on upwinds skills, chop hopping with one hand and/or doing flat water bottom turns. By mid week Maui turned into Bonaire for 2 days with flat turquoise water and gentle soothing winds, perfect for slowing down the jibe in order to make it happen in a much more manageable style. We also worked on fast tacks and lighter wind waterstarts which are always a challenge. The truth be, if you want to get into waves, your light wind waterstarts are a must. Not to mention light wind or non planing upwinds skills. After two days the winds cranked up to their full power again, by then everyone had sorted their high wind stance and our improver were able to get into their footstraps! Big day, big day! Intermediate sailors started flying into their jibes committed and in control, others chop hopped the wind swells without a bother.


Monday night it actually rained in Paia, but that was great as we are able to get under the tents at Cafe Des Amis and enjoy fantastic curry amongst locals, the rain dripped a tune while Mark Johnstone crooned on the mike. We also enjoyed pizza at Flatbread, some cocktails and mexican food at the corner of the intersection of Maui’s north shore life. It always make for some good people watching and finger licking good evenings out. It was fantastic to have people join us from all over the world! Manuela joined us from Italy, Anthony was our Italian Canadian stallion, John & Andrea brought in the Alberta way of life while Jim flowed with the west coast island feel. Judy added some UK flavor to the mix and we very much enjoyed the BBQ beach party at their house; under tiki torches, palm trees while looking¬† back over the bay at a West Maui Mountain sunset. Not to mention all our island locals and U.S.A born and bred friends! Paula, Ray, John, Marianne, Donna, Lee and Patti!

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…And now head high waves are back on Maui for this second week of June. Nice to get some fun personal action on the water!