Windsurfing is for everyone! Male and female from beginners to experts.





 Expect a lot of fun in the sun, big smiles and a first-class coaching experience.


Shawna Cropas is a professional windsurfer, 3X British Wavesailing Champion who started coaching in 1998 doing week long windsurfing holiday safaris in different location around the world attracting hundreds of guest each year. She combines muscle memory learning tools with on land and water training. The sessions end with photos/video which is analyzed to guide guests to perfect their skills into smoother sailing.

Shawna relies heavily on perfect fundamental skill and techniques, as she cannot get away with muscling through anything. This is the core of her teaching that she passes on to her guests so that they are able to sail through all the levels of windsurfing without getting stuck or stalled by bad habits.

Shawna now runs Aloha Windsurfing Clinic on Maui three to four times a year. She is also available for privates or organized group lessons.


2018 Aloha Windsurfing Clinic Dates



First and last days are arrival and departure days. 6 full days of coaching.

Minimum group of 3 and maximum 6.


April 7th -14th 2018,

May 19th-26th,

June 16th-23rd


We all have one thing in common and that is our love for windy destinations. Locate this wind on a beautiful tropical island where coconut palms and hula hips sway…. We have ourselves the perfect holiday! Our clinics are an ideal way to continue having fun windsurfing in a social environment where you’re able to improve your windsurfing dramatically. We are running Aloha Windsurfing Clinics to offer a catered windsurfing holiday to Maui for our male windsurfers as well as our fair ladies. We supply our guests with the best technical advice about equipment, fine tuning the gear to suit the conditions and quick tips to improve individual skill levels.

There’s nothing worse than fighting badly tuned equipment when you’re trying to learn something new. We will make sure firstly that you are comfortable on your windsurfer before you head out on the water as well as supply you with the right information to smooth out the windsurfing learning curve to make it a less bumpy ride! We’re able to work with all skill levels form improver to experts in one day by forming small groups with guests with common goals as well as working with everyone individually to suit their personal needs.


Not to mention, Maui is one of the best places in the world to advance your personal windsurfing skills while taking in the most gorgeous island setting on earth. Add two leading coaches into the mix and you’re on your way to a perfect windsurfing holiday.




Maui is one of the best places in the world to advance your personal windsurfing skills while taking in the most gorgeous island setting on earth. Add a leading coach into the mix and you’re on your way to a perfect holiday whether windsurfing, surfing or paddle boarding.





Every morning we’ll start with on land simulator work and review video footage from the day before. We will spend the afternoons working with groups as well as moving around sailing and working privately addressing each individual’s personal needs and skill levels. Evening will be fun social events, beach barbecuing island style or heading for nights on the town. In the event of days with no wind, Video analyzation as well as surfing and stand up paddling or hiking adventures will be arranged with Shawna guiding the way.

Aloha Windsurfing Clinic.Four Seasons Resort Wailea.March 2013.


We’ll be setting up base at a private guest home on the North Shore using the latest Neil Pryde/ Jp stock through Vela and Neil Pryde Maui





Come join Shawna Cropas on one of her windsurfing instuctional holidays on Maui and enjoy advancing your windsurfing skills, getting fit while being outdoors in an exciting location.


My windsurfing courses are aimed at all sailors, male and female from beginners to aspiring wavesailors.

Beginners will be gently introduced to the sport of windsurfing with big stable boards and small sails in a safe shallow area. Be prepared to get wet as it’s part of the fun.

For improvers we will cover general windsurfing abilities from waterstarts, faster rig recovery, high and light wind stance, finding those footstraps and harness more efficiently as well as learning and perfecting the carve gybe. My objective is to make learning new skills and or improving currents abilities as easy as possible.

To do this, I use the concept of ‘Muscle Memory’, which means repeating certain steps in a maneuver over and over again until our bodies learn by heart the motion without having use the mind to stop and think about it. We’ll start most our lessons on land using a windsurfing simulator to learn a new technique. We’ll continue to repeat these steps over and over again until our bodies feel comfortable with what we’ve learnt. We will then continue these fluid repetitions of a particular maneuver in light winds in order to master the skills finally in high winds





For more advanced intermediate sailors I will be teaching, “Taster to Waves”, for those who would like to polish or advance their skills towards wavesailing. These sessions include: How to get in and out of shore break with minimal impact damage to yourself and or your equipment. Speedier waterstarts in waves and duck diving your windsurfer under a breaking wave. Better control sailing in high winds and choppier water, as well as perfecting our up wind stance in order to get back to the top of the wave every time! We’ll work on going into your turns more powered up to improve your gybes and your bottom turns as well as down the line wave riding and basic jumps.

I also offer video as a learning tool for those who would be comfortable with it. It’s a great way to see yourself sailing and what you’re doing versus what you think you might be doing. It also allows us to slow down the sailing footage so we can really absorb what is going on with our sailing and find ways to correct our techniques. This is available upon request during private lessons.


In the event of no wind I’ll be available for those who are interested in an introduction to surfing and stand up paddling. I think learning to surf helps with your wave awareness and general board balance. Besides a wave is a wave and catching them is half the fun and if the end result is an improvement of your wavesailing skills, it’s worth a go!


Included in the Aloha Windsurfing Clinic Getaway


5 nights of single or shared accommodation.

6  full days of windsurfing expert coaching with Shawna Cropas

Exchange to SUP activities on no-wind days.

Other Experiences- ocean based activities whether it’s learning to surf-sup in small waves, snorkel, explore the local cuisine and towns. Activities will be based on the weather and conditions.


What to Expect

There will be flexibly based on the weather, but rest assure we will always choose the right activities that suit the day, the conditions and the individual.




Organic reef friendly sunscreen, rash guard, long sleeved wetsuit top, or full wetsuits (short leg & long arm), swimsuits, towels, active wear, running shoes, hats, sunglasses, your own mask and snorkel.






I took lessons with Shawna over the course of week in August 2011. I had been “stuck” at a basic intermediate level for several years and wanted to get comfortable sailing faster and more aggressively up wind.

Not only is she is an amazing sailor but she’s an even better teacher which makes all the difference. She explained things in a clear consistent manner and then showed the techniques both on land and in the water. She even filmed me to make it easier to see what I was doing right and where I was going wrong. She totally helped me achieve my goals.

In addition to her great teaching skills, her infectious personality and true love for the water made it fun to be around her. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Shawna to anyone looking to get themselves to the next level!


Vancouver, BC

Having enjoyed over 20 years of windsurfing experience, I was surprised at how much I was able to learn from Shawna and Matt. Changing my stance has opened up a new world of early planing and smaller sails. Their sheparding gave me the confidence to venture into open ocean high winds and my first attempts at riding sizable waves. I strongly recommend their Maui clinic to anyone that wants to take their skills to a higher level and have fun while learning!’

Fond regards –


Vancouver, BC








Aloha Clinic Oct 2012