Posted on May 13, 2011

 2012 Jp Photo Shoot & April Conditions and Clinics

Wow, I’ve just skidded into a calm moment after a month which whirled with so much activity it blurs like a smeared oil painting. April was charged with action, awesome conditions, new faces and old. The speed of events was a dizzy collection of sunscreen, water passing underfoot, helicopters, snapping cameras, dinner parties, social gatherings, dawn patrol SUP session in golden light while sharing waves with Kauli, Jason and Antoine, Ho’okipa’s crowded madness with everyone vying for a single perfect shot,

Butterfly events and coaching clinics shared with amazing and hilarious characters from all around the world.


Though I have to say Ho’okipa was a shocker of insane action. With pros racing and competing over waves like hyenas over a down calf. Waves torn apart in a shark frenzy of slashing fins by literally a mob of sailors. But… WOW, was the show ever exciting! Like going to a water rodeo or a liquid Circle Du Soleil. The fans were cheering. The triple forward was attempted in a blazing crash and everything was so tweaked it gave me a backache just looking at it. The best of the best were pulling off their most daring moves, literally on top of each other, attacking one crazy somewhat brave move after another. For me, this is where windsurfing shines at the top of the podium of all sports.(P.s. Squeezing in a few waves for myself was nothing short of a miracle!)



During all this I was running one clinic after another from a group windsurfing for their buddies bachelor party to a ‘Butterfly Ladies only Aloha Clinic”.  It’s amazing to go back and teach the fundamentals of windsurfing and to be reminded just how hard it is to learn footstraps, jibes and most of all those complicated waterstarts. It reminds me how far we’ve all come learning to windsurf and balancing the ever changing ocean environment of emotional seas and wild wind states. It takes a special kind of dedication and perseverance to accept moments of failure only to continue to move forward and stubbornly continue to learn the challenging dance steps of windsurfing. Those pros may make it look all so easy… But make no mistake everyone at one time or another has dragged their equipment up the beach and back upwind while perhaps shaking their fist at the wind.



Easter poked it’s fuzzy nose into the mix as well. A mass of windsurfing legends and all their babies running around Jason Stones backyard looking for Easter treats while Pete Cabrinha himself crooned on the mic playing his ukulele. Mini Priors, Pritchards, Stones,  including my own little one dived into the bushes and scurried across the lawn in sugar induced Easter highs, island style.

All and all April was perfect. Life is magical! Today while driving in the car a line in a song stood my ears to attention,

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, Where you invest your love, you invest your life…

Awake My Soul, by Mumford and Sons. Pretty much says it all.