Posted on May 2, 2011

Our Ladies of the Water


April 26th to May 2nd




This was one of the most fun windsurfing camps I’ve ever run. All the ladies were dynamic, inspirational and gregarious.


Some boisterous, some soft spoken. Jokes were cracked that would make a gentleman’s ears burn. They were from all walks of life from pilots, self employed or employed business women, doctors, writers and even a hardcore ski instructor. Their windsurfing skills were as varied as their careers but they all had one thing in common. A love for windsurfing! We shared nights out on the town, long days on the water, rest, recipes, home cooked meals, bikini shopping, video analysis while eating lunch, rigging under palm trees on golf green short grass. It was windy all week and the depth of the water was never much over head all the way out to the break.


We were able to cover all the ladies different windsurfing levels and learning curves. Some stayed closer to shore to work on footstraps and waterstarts while other charged the reef determined to capture those sneaky elusive waves and show them a turn or two.



We will run another ladies only camp next year around the same time with the last day landing directly on the Maui Butterfly Event, allowing us to take our guests on the group female adventure down wind from Ho’okipa or Sprecks to Kanaha.



I leave the rest of the stories of our ‘Ladies of the Water Camp’ to the gals themselves. Enjoy the photos, their collective excerpts and their blogs below!



L iving on Maui people just assume you can sail well and in my case they’d be half right. My goal with the clinic was two fold; first to understand what I was doing right and wrong and second, to walk away with new information and direction for my future progress. The six days of fun, instruction, sailing, simulation, critique, laughs and observation gave me that and a whole lot more. I felt like I was properly on holiday with a bunch of really fun women and our commitment to sail daily was key in everyones progress. We moved forward as a group both in ability and (cheesy as it sounds) new found friendships, it’s an experience I can’t recommend highly enough.


Please check out Sharon’s blog as it’s her personal hilarious take on the Aloha Ladies Clinic week.




“Hi there ladies


S o great to meet, windsurf and share some real quality time with all of you.  Took a rest day and went to watch the wave sailors at Hookipa, that was great and sailed yesterday.  It was crazy windy, maxed out on a 4.0.


Shawna, thank you for your fabulous instruction.  I really felt the benefits yesterday after having a days rest.  Little voice telling me “front foot forward, commit to the harness, dont use your arms”


Tatiana,  it was so fun to follow you around in the waves and thanks for all your help and I look forward to Saturday.


Rebecca, thanks for your positive vibe all the time and for looking out for us, great to meet someone so passionate about windsurfing.


And all the other gals, thanks for making it such a memorable week on and off the water.  I look forward to next year.


Have a great day”




T hank you for sharing your knowledge, patience and enthusiasm. My sailing is a million times improved compared to the first lesson I took with you a couple of years ago. I hope one day you’ll see me kill it on the lip and know you had everything to do with it (first I’ll need to perfect my beach start so I can get to the waves).


Hugs –



S ue, thank you for the wonderful seasoned egg recipe. I switched out the soy for fish sauce and it worked great!  I am really looking forward to Bonaire next month. My beautiful multicolored bruises are rapidly fading which is nice but my hard won hand calluses are diminishing quickly. I’m gonna need them for Bonaire! I may have to go to the local playground and hang from the monkey bars if I have any hopes of retaining them… That should freak out a few of the local soccer moms!

Also, would you please tell Lauren what a pleasure it was to meet her. She is absolutely delightful and charming.


Rebecca, you have a heart of gold. I can’t believe how many times you put down your equipment to come help the rest of us. I swear I heard music the time you ran down the beach to sail my stuff back upwind. I was so tired I don’t think I could have dragged that damned leviathan back up the beach even if I want to…which I didn’t. So, thank you. P.S. next time I’m in Maui I am going to do some serious shopping at Simmer. Those jeans were just too cute on Kathy. I think I need a pair now!


Sharon, the lovely lady from Leeds. I loved your blog. You are hilarious! Your humor is so self deprecating but yet uplifting. I copied the pictures off your blog because they make me happy, especially the one of you in the sand with a serious case of the giggles. It makes me laugh every time I see it because I know exactly how you felt.


Roomie, it’s not often you meet someone and instantly fall in sync with. My week with you was effortless. I felt like we’d always been friends and I just hadn’t seen you in a while. How odd is that? I am so looking forward to your visit this fall. There are so many fun places I want to show you. We are definitely doing Disney and Epcot…the grown up version…Beers Around the World.  Yah Baby!  Everyone is invited if you have the time. (Besides Epcot is wayyyy more fun with a slight buzz.) Give me a call when you have time. I want to hear about the job and the ButterflyEffect.


Tatiana, I am so looking forward to joining you at the Dominican ButterflyEffect. I am going to make every effort to get those days off. Also, I am holding on to my vacation days for Fiji next year. I am so impressed with you and how much you have accomplished. Your sweet nature and quiet demeanor belies your incredible fortitude. You are truly unique. I also want to thank you for all your extra help on the water. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know you.



Vimi, I really hope you take me up on my offer for a visit.  Nick is definitely invited too.  I’d love to show you around and take you paddle boarding at sunset so you can see the dolphins and manatees.  Thank you for being so supportive. Having you there with all your encouragement made a huge difference.  I’d very much like to keep in touch despite the fact we live across the pond from each other. I SKYPE, how about you?


Shawna, you are remarkable!  You abound with patients and calm.  You are such a wonderful dichotomy of grace and sheer goofball.  It’s a fine line, but you walk it well!  And I am not just saying this because you ran a half mile down the beach to rescue me, although, I must say seeing you jumping over the rocks to pull my tired ass in was as close as I have ever come to declaring my undying love for another woman…but that probably would have put an uncomfortable spin on the whole women’s week thing.  Needless to say, thank you for hours of coaching, your endless patients, your wonderful sense of humor, your great cooking and not letting me drift into town. I am definitely coming to next years clinic!


I want to thank each and everyone of you for bringing such a sense of fun and merriment and most of all your willingness to share that joy with one another.


Shawna, thank you again for making this wonderful week possible.