Posted on Mar 1, 2014

Birthdays bring up the subject of getting older but I decided a long time ago that I’m never going to let something as silly as aging get in the way of my youth.


February adds one more year to my age but more importantly it brings me a zillion more beautiful experiences, wild moments, learning disasters and radiant bursts of love. This month has also been fabulous for surf with only a few days of windsurfing where we crammed a months worth of energy into one day on the water. I guess it just makes windsurfing more attractive when you can’t have it all the time!


I’m happy still running like I’m eight years old, swimming like a fish, painting up a creative storm, soaking up the beauty that surrounds, surfing, sailing like I’m still twenty and keeping up with a five year old’s endless action. I’m still thrilled about finding gorgeous seashells while walking island beaches on my bday and thinking they are the most brilliant gifts of all…IMG_3060DSC00046DSC000623E9A5486IMG_29943E9A6434DSC00017DSC00007IMG_3087