Posted on Jan 15, 2011

Where’d the wind go?

It’s been, well … Like winter here on Maui. Storms have been hitting the island with heavy dark clouds and some impressive thundering showers which have kept the islands awake during the night as the heavens above declare war. I’ve even dug deep into my closet and dusted off my sweaters to keep warm. I’ve personally, perversely  enjoyed the actual ‘weather’. It’s a nice change from hot and sunny everyday. With the wild conditions have come the mightier waves. Endless HUGE west swells with mainly Kona winds this last week and again for tomorrow. Looks like we’ll be hunkering down again for yet another torrent of rain and waves starting this Sunday with some whispering that the trade winds will be back by the end of the week. Wind? What’s that? Can’t remember the last time I sailed. I think there’s been literally a handful of days sailing in over a month. I’ve spent more time running in the rain ( which I personally love to do) and surfing. I’m not complaining as I love glassy surf and it’s been a nice change of pace for the winter months. Though I’m feeling a incurable windsurfing itch come on. Looking forward to the predicted return of the trades and I’m sure the tourist would be much happier with the promise of Hawaiian sun.


Ok off to do a wind dance to work some weather magic at the end of the yard… or at least get some gardening done in the meantime.