Posted on Feb 22, 2012


How can you not love February, the month of hearts and cabin fever!?

We started February on the mountains of Whistler. Always fun to spice it up with a little pepper of snow. Super stoked Reef learnt to ski in eight days.

On Maui the winds are tearing up the island like a pack of toddlers let loose in the house except it’s my backyard. It looks a shamble with legs and arms of palm fronds torn off the trees and scattered about like down soldiers. The rain charges with quick, short, hard hits like 300 pound running backs making the bones of the house rattle with every new washing.

If you love high wind sailing like I do then this could be your month. Unfortunately for me I’m not able to go out and enjoy all the wild conditions. I jarred my body with a tailbone landing while snowboarding in Whistler. Only to come back to Maui after one day of sailing and break my toe running across rocks! I actually don’t even want to think about it as it just makes me a little pissed with myself for not taking more care. Frustrating to hurt yourself doing something completely not radical. Lesson learnt, stop running after photos of whales.

On the plus side. Injuries push you to do something different. Break up the pattern. Get on a new groove. I took a break from snowboarding for a day and went cross country skiing for the first time in my life and I loved it. Back on Maui, when I was about to have a meltdown about not being able to exercise as I couldn’t even walk, I remembered the simple act of swimming… So swimming it is. Had a great swim with Phil McGain and Erin Pritchard today. Phil trains for Iron Man’s now-a-days, so it’s fun to do laps with him as he really pushes us that extra mile. Literally! I feel great and my body is mending slowly.

With windsurfing off the menu there’s so much more time left in a day. While Reef naps instead of hitting the water there’s more time to mastermind more extravagant meals, toy with other personal writing projects or just get back to painting. It’s all actually really Ok and it just makes me more keen to get back on the water! I just can’t look at Jimmi Hepps photos of what I’m missing. lol.

Though I did get a chance to read a couple of good books this month…. Born to Run by Chritophe McDougall and Crazy for the Storm by Norman Ollestad.