Posted on Aug 5, 2012


The pace slows right down as we enter the month of August.  Ho’okipa is officially flat and Haiku spent July under an umbrella of dark clouds and rain. I love summertime as it forces me to get back to basics. It’s the time of year that I replant the garden and organize a ton of house hold stuff I’ve let fly for most of the wave season. It’s three and half year old summer activity extravaganzas like pool parties, hikes and play dates with friends & sea.

When conditions for windsurfing are less than favorable, I dust off my jewelry drill for making bracelets and rings. There is plenty of time and space for creative meandering for new ideas with paintings and videos. The sun has finally returned to Haiku as the garden sprouts with sunflowers, peas, beans, fennel, kale and bok-choy.

Reef and I caught up with old friends we met way back in the days of Tarifa when Robert was still the sail designer of ART. Those footloose and fancy-free days of windsurfing the days away in the south of Spain have been replace by island life and running after our own footloose and fancy-free children. I love driving over to the West Maui’s where they live, as it reminds me of Ireland or Cornwall with it’s towering cliffs overlooking turned up angry seas… A very unMaui like vista. We had a wonderful day climbing down the cliffs with Yaka, Miha and Drazena where we played alongside the churning seas, lava bolders, arches and caves.

Though there were a handful of head high wave sailings days when we first got back, those days are long gone. Cruising into August there is barely a dribble of a wave insight. It is officially one foot Ho’okipa days which makes the famous beach the epicenter of keiki surfers. They take over the beach at this time of year, ranging from 18 month to 10 years old, for them the surf is head high and pumping all summer long. It’s how Maui creates the Matt Meola’s of this world.

Yesterday Erin and I took Reef and Kaden surfing on bodyboards. As we peeled along the waves together, Kaden and Reef were squealing with such delight… Screaming ‘Disneyland style’ on one of natures natural roller coaster! When we weren’t charging on the waves we were checking out the wild life underneath. Since the surf breaks small over the shallow reefs it leaves plenty of flat water around the surrounding bay. Perfect for snorkeling where we found a large school of baby squids.

Squids are one of my favorite marine animals! We’ve been watching and visiting them for days! I particularly love this underwater creature because they seem so angelic as they hang there in the water. You have a sense that they are much more intelligent than your average fish as unlike fish they seem so aware of your presence in a watchful kind of way. Supposedly, “…Cephalopods, squid exhibit relatively high intelligence among invertebrates. For example, groups of Humboldt squid hunt cooperatively, using active communication.” If I’m correct isn’t hunting in groups why human brains became more complex or maybe it was the thumb and using tools? But wait…”Octopus have been witnessed retrieving discarded coconut shells, manipulating them, transporting them some distance, and then reassembling them to use as a shelter.” Enough said. Calamari is officially off of my menu and I never did have an appetite for octopus. Though I’m still good with eating fish as they are kindda like the chickens of the sea.

I have to say I love our beach park. It deliver us a world of adventure only minutes from the house. Whether it’s over mast high surf, intense windsurfing conditions, cruising SUP days, keiki surf, kids beach days and snorkeling adventure tours. From squid families, bobbing turtles and lobster it’s our fun beach paradise for the whole family in a beautiful warm tropical heaven.

As for the wind. It’s been OK but not awesome. I personally don’t mind as I needed a break from the windsurfing routine. Too much of a good thing isn’t actually always the best. We’re loving the keiki time on overdrive.

I’m so stoked about the change of pace I keep forgetting to order myself a new custom board. Though my JP SUP wide style wave boards should be here soon. Thinking I might spend a little more time surfing this winter. Keep it fresh and fun! But that all depends on the winter conditions as last year the wind never stopped!

As for my book adventures; I read Getting Stones with Savages by J. Maarten Troost years ago and loved it. I just ordered The Sex lives of Cannibals and Lost on Planet China and can’t wait to sink into those books.


Our summer anthem has become Ben Howard’s album Every Kingdom. The more we listen to it the more we love it.


One of my all time favorite videos. Such amazing honesty, passion and beauty. Might be why I like Ben Howard’s videos so much as well.