Posted on Jun 12, 2014

IMG_4221June brings much longer days and beautiful sunsets to the north shore. In the winter months you need to drive to Kihei for a good display of the sun’s wares, but with the coming of the summer solstice I can watch the day explode into color at my local beach.


While sun gazing I’ve been contemplating the head space of defeat and or of a defeatist.


I was thinking that when we are doing anything in life it’s best to keep the defeatist part of ourselves well at bay. The side of ourselves that says, “There’s no point in trying, it’s not going to work anyways.”  That voice in our head that doesn’t function with an ounce of faith in potential.

I think the difference between people who succeed at their dreams and pushing their limits versus the one’s that don’t is quite simple… Head space.


The thing that has fascinated me the most about teaching windsurfing, SUP and surf over the years is watching individuals from all different walks of life and how they deal with challenges and or sometimes failure. When you get a group of people it’s easy to think the man made out of muscles will succeed and the nervous girl on my side listening to every word will fail. But it is never the case…


They will both start off the same while learning how to windsurf, SUP or surf for the very first time. They will both struggle at first and they will both fall in the water just as much as each other. They will both flail and have a hard time making the sail balance and/or the board steady underfoot.


The only difference is the defeatists will become more and more agitated the more they fall in. The more mistakes they make the more their brains will tell them the task at hand is not possible. They may even get embarrassed and decide to save their egos the trouble. While the others will just ‘do’…  They will pay no mind to falling into the water, they will get back up and simply try again. They don’t pay attention to what other people think and they have fun along the way.


How we deal with everything going wrong will give us clear insight into our own characters, much more than when we are sitting on the throne of our personal glories. Trying new things, learning new moves and sports… Braving the unknown is sometimes more of an inner struggle than a struggle between the mechanics of making things work.


It’s a good time to pause and really decide if it’s the outside world closing in on us – Or is it us shutting ourselves down, locking the doors and throwing away the key to our own potentials and dreams.


Flexibily in any learning curve is useful. As we all know rigid things are easily broken while flexibility bends with the winds into flow… I’m goofing around and learning new things all the time-  And failing- And falling & immensely happy. Even in failure I’m getting a workout and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors- Over time we simply learn and move forward.