Posted on Mar 29, 2014

IMG_551610169179_10152109473483889_1299696846_nWinter migrations come full circle…  Humpback activity dwindles signaling the beginning of Spring. It’s the time of the year when everyone heads back to their summer grounds…There is a vacuum like hole where the whales used to be. I’m actually shocked to think the season is already over. I feel like I only just wrote last week how happy I was to see them back. The Pacific ocean loses a little bit of it’s magic when whales tails, spouts and full out of water breaches are no long dotting the horizon at sunset. Maui is always a stunning mistress on her own standing tall straight out of the deepest depths. She just loses a bit of her luster when her necklace of Humpbacks return to Alaska.


My time feels marked by these planetary shifts, seasons and full moon pulls. Shifts marked by nomadic movements. Time speeds out of control around me and I feel the fragility of my own existence. The tapestries of our lives are woven by every meaningful moment and our complete immersion into every second of our lives.


Which brings me to the subject of a book that landed in my lap recently…. The Rise of Superman…. It’s fascinating. It’s all about the science of flow and how our brains and being are able to tap into a completely different, intense and  higher level of consciousness. A rhythm where we are in such perfect harmony of motion that we can defy the laws of what we think human’s are able to physically achieve. Supposedly adrenaline junkies and people who push their limits or scare themselves jump start their brains into this next level of almost extra computer like supersonic fast brain work where instant life saving decisions are made, where chatter and second guessing are blocked out, reality warps into slow motion and we enter the vortex of a completely insanely direct hit with the moment and complete unity with our surrounding. A place where you lose yourself to the flow.

book_front_big1391591_589075584463443_557406922_nIMG_1022A43U2861-Edit copy

The flow “… Enhance decision making. Since flow is a fluid action state, making better decisions  isn’t enough, we have to act on them. The problem is fear, which stands between us and action. Fear grounds us in self, time and space. With our sense of self out of the way we are liberated from doubt and insecurity. With time gone, there is no yesterday to regret or tomorrow to worry about. And when our sense of space is disappears, so do physical consequences. But when all three vanish at once, something far more incredible occurs: our fear of death-that most fundamental of all fears-can no longer exist. Simply put: If you’re infinite and atemporal, you canon die.”  by steven Kotler- The Rise of Superman–A book worth reading if you are interested in the science of flow and how our brains work while we are in this state of deep concentration that can be reached through deep meditation or by throwing yourself over the edge of an intense adrenaline spiking moment.


This book comes to rest in my hand thanks to Dylan, one of our guest who kicked off our 2014 Aloha Windsurfing Clinics year. We enjoyed perfect teaching conditions for cracking jibes and exploring inviting outside reefs for some safe wave action. We were blessed with a killer beach front property in paradise thanks to Terry and Deb, where we waited in luxury under palm trees for the winds to fill in instead of trying to chase conditions all over the island. It was a smooth sailing week full interesting characters and the last of the seasons whale tails. We worked on our flow with the wind’s teasing pattern and the rhythms of the ocean. As usual once that is accomplished learning to jibe or wave ride becomes that much easier. We thank our lucky stars, the winds and the sea!IMG_5395

We look forward to sailing with you all again!