Posted on Jul 1, 2013

DSC_0459IMG_1570Thank You Adventure SportsMaui was charged and firing. Adventure Sports Maui sorted us out with the latest and greatest gear including all the 2014 Neil Pryde sails and JP-AUSTRALIA boards from this years photo shoot. Our guest were able to ride gear that only the pros had been privileged to ride so far. Richard got to feel what it was like to be in Kosters footstraps while Peter sailed under the banner of Albeau and others were Robby Swift for the day. Winds were blowing and the June Aloha Windsurfing Clinic was in full swing. The wind screamed at us so hard on the first day that our hair raced behind us at a permanent horizontal angle. It made grown men shudder while they eyed the conditions suspiciously. The usually stronger summer trade winds were definitely turned up a notch. Not to worry, after much time spent on the beach perfecting everyone’s High Wind Stance the group took off safely out to sea and returned in one piece. Luckily by the day two, the winds settled down to a more comfortable pace to allow all the Aloha Clinic riders a gentler introduction to Maui sailing.DSC_0652IMG_1257DSC_0664IMG_1524IMG_1403IMG_5108IMG_1800

This months group was a blend of Canadian, Australian and New Zealand flavors making for a cracking go time with waves of good humor and banter. Beers, wine, gourmet meals were shared in-between full days on the water. Mid-week a small north swell rolled into shore to make for some fun small wave riding action for those getting more acquainted with surf, while the rest cracked planing in footstraps and worked on perfecting their jibes on the inside in the flat water conditions. More importantly we made new friends and got to know each other much better ( especially after a few drinking games) and we’ll miss Flavorful Simon, Deceptively Manly Jeff, Mysterious Andrew, Clear Anthea, T-Rex Carnivores Seeking Erin, Earthy Pauline, Lavender Simone, Warm and Bubbly Enjoying Richard, Sky Boy Clive and Verdant Australian Steve who definitely found his Tiger!


Matt & Shawna





“Aloha Matt, Shawna and fellow Aloha Clinic participants!

John and I recently returned from our annual trip to Hood River/The Gorge. We had a great trip – lots of good sailing, good food, good friends, and of course, good beer. Ray joined us too – our tradition on most windsurfing adventures – and we also got to see our new Aloha Clinic friends Andrea and John which was a blast!

I can’t tell you how often we all talked about “the clinic” and how it has improved our windsurfing. Longer harness lines, monkey stance, low wind techniques, high wind techniques…your lessons guided all of us through a most enjoyable and satisfying trip. Everyone felt significant steps forward on skill level. One of my primary goals in attending the clinic was to get to a point where I could actually sail on our annual trips to the Gorge. In years past I’ve mostly been an observer, not a participant (except the drinking beer part). I can happily say now that I actually sailed the Gorge! (Also, sincere appreciation to Andrea for guiding and supporting me to get past the Gorge fear factor!)

So anyway, “I feel happy of myself!” (Check out this “Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!” YouTube video, substitute windsurfing for riding a bike, and you’ll see what I mean by that comment.)

Matt and Shawna, thank you for all you taught us on a most memorable Aloha Clinic Vacation. On my first day sailing back here in Colorado, I couldn’t believe the difference. I felt safe, confident, and actually enjoyed sailing! (I was also excited to rig my own gear since I’d done that in Maui, but had a little more learning to do when I realized that our Ezzy sails rig a bit differently than the rental gear we had there. Sigh. Got it figured out in time for the Gorge trip though!)”

Donna Campanella


“Donna that was so well put! I agree with everything you said about the camp, gaining confidence, amazing instruction, encouragement, meeting wonderful inspiring people. The aloha clinics have completely changed my attitude towards the sport I have struggled with for so many years. I also realized something about my personality ( do not always like these realizations) I am a social windsurfer! Unlike my husband who goes out sailing in his own little windsurfing world”.

Andrea Howie


“I booked for a warm water break from my southern hemisphere winter and hoped I might improve my skills a bit. I certainly didn’t expect to end up with a more sailing power and confidence, to have so much hands-on teaching from Shawna and Matt, to benefit so much from the video and photography, and to make so many new windsurfing buddies from all over the world.  A great week.”

Simon Young, MD