Posted on Dec 17, 2013


Life has been full of beauty. Maui flowers are bursting and art has been flowing. So many incredible moments shared. Deep connections. Today it felt so amazing to paddle out into a perfect bright blue sea. The waves were peeling in without a breath of wind. There was some size to them and it felt good getting washed by the ocean. Sometimes being in the sea feels so amazing, like a liquid massage, a breath of new life, like setting re-start. Just as I smiled in perfect contentment a humpback whale exploded out of the horizon and pirouetted in the air. It’s the first one I’ve seen this year. I knew immediately I was exactly where I wanted to be… In a perfect moment. Surfing my brains out in winter fantastic conditions. IMG_2242IMG_4362IMG_2368IMG_2040IMG_0420IMG_2278IMG_2299IMG_2010IMG_22301470263_10153590793115215_1784122148_nIMG_2364IMG_1200IMG_23261383248_572718096099192_1715110753_nIMG_2029IMG_4302IMG_1209