Posted on Jul 11, 2012

A Recap on the Last Few Months..

May on Maui started with zero waves and high winds reminiscent of gale winters straight  out of the perfect storm. Luckily we were all graced with one absolutely perfect day of sailing… May 10th was one of the best days of sailing after a very crowded spring. The parking lot was empty and the hordes of high pressure pros were gone. Left behind were a bunch of happy, stoked local sailors smiling from ear to ear. There was not a cloud in the sky, the turquoise waters glistened and there was such a fun mellow vibe on the water with everyone taking their turns instead of dropping in. It was back to sailing with friends and local rippers. There were loads of happy cheers of encouragement on the water …. Jason Diffen yelling out,” Go girl ” while I went for a section. Junko was at the shower smiling and she said, “it was so much fun out on the water today”. Norm asked me if it was my birthday and when I said it wasn’t he went on to say, “It’s got to be somebodies birthday…. It’s such a great day!”. I had to agree it was the kind of day that dreams were made out of. Mark Angulo was grooving to a happy beat and all was mellow in the Ho’okipa hood.


The end of May into June was spent running a super successful packed out Aloha Windsurfing Clinic which was blessed with 7 days of wind in an awesome learning environment. We sailed so much it took me a few days to recover from exhaustion and sunburns! But what fun we had!



Upon returning to Maui in June, (After a stint in Vancouver visiting family and friends) waves were pumping on the north shore! Lone surf sessions… We called it crowded if three others joined us in the well over head high sets peeling into glassy perfection. 10 foot faces at the end of June! What! Awesome! I couldn’t believe my luck when the waves pulsed endlessly into our local beach for the full two weeks I was back in town. I love it when the water is so clear you can watch the reef world pass underfoot while you glide along. We enjoyed perfect wavesailing and surfed out dazes! Other than gathering for kids pool parties, flying new kites with Kaden and Reef and pigging out on the perfect conditions I also spent time with Daniel Morales working on my new website which I’m super stoked about:


The rain in Haiku was cold and as endless as the surf. We were having wintertime weather in June A damp blanket put on our summer time bounce and if it weren’t for the constant north shore surf I might  have complained more. Nevertheless it was bizarre.

July we found ourselves back on the east coast celebrating the 4th in an explosion of fireworks, whites, reds and blues just outside of Boston where the first settlements began, which reminds me of another great book. The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. We’re now tucked into the rhythm of the east coast vacation flow… Where Great Whites have been trolling kayakers. Quite fitting as these are the beaches where Jaws were filmed. We’ve been Stand Up Paddling everyday and adding a sail to the board in the afternoon sea breezes though I’ve kept a careful eye out for big fish…  It’s been fantastic sitting on the porch of an old upside-down saltbox looking over the bay where sailboats are parked in the harbor and sweeping the horizon. Padanaram reminds me of Poole harbor and it’s no wonder this is called New England!

While on vacation Barry Spanier gave Gus his book, The Bare Chronicles! I really enjoyed the read. Nothing like going on a full on yachting adventure without even getting your toes wet.


I’ve also been enjoying some tunes from Ben Howard,