Posted on Nov 24, 2012


November has brought awesome conditions for both surfing and windsurfing. The stormtrooper have kept hitting our shores relentlessly… Giant white knights surging ashore week after week. Some days were windy and some were not. Which suits me just fine as I’d rather change it up between the two sports.

After doing the AWT competition I was so relieved to get in the water for a three hour surf session in the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed to date. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m too ADD and short on time to wait all day on the beach for ten hectic minutes to compete. Firstly I’d much rather just be on the water having fun and getting exercise than sitting idly, waiting for heats that may or may not even happen. Besides I just can’t keep the surge of adrenaline, excitement and focus going over sprawling days…

But, but, but…. All has been redeemed by insane surf sessions. There’s been a few perfect double over head high days without even an inkling of a breeze… Baby butt smooth surfaces firing into the playground. I tentatively went out on one of those days and got pounded onto the reef at Pavils and dragged along the jagged floor. It left a nice bear claw on my ass. After that I headed out to middles and got some nice lefts. Love those long rides. The windsurfing has been just as good with some light wind, groovy sessions. It  was so nice to explode into action after a week of not really getting any solid windsurfing time on the water. Free sailing is definitely more my thing.

Thanksgiving was celebrated over at the Prichard’s. Some insanely good food was enjoyed and shared amongst good friends and family. I’d have to say I’m most thankful for solid friendships, family, health and enjoying awesome conditions on an island which delivers.