Posted on Nov 17, 2010


This week’s clinic has started off fantastically. We’re staying on the beach in one of Maui’s luxurious north shore estates with the coconut trees doing hula in the strong breezes. Nothing like listening to the calls of the ocean from your bedroom window. For the first two days we had strong winds and little waves. On the inside Improvers worked on their stance and harness skills while others had time to polish up some rusty carve jibes as well as perfecting the ‘Crunch’ for better high wind sailing. While the winds were building through out  the morning we went over video from the day before and did some on land muscle memory work to get a clear mental picture of techniques to work on through out the afternoon.

By Monday the forecasted waves arrived. The swell was well over mast high at Ho’okipa, while Sprecks remained a manageable yet challenging size for all our group who wanted an introduction to waves. The rest of us went to Kanaha to enjoy the flat waters and calmer conditions to continue working on getting in and out of the footstraps and harness lines. Though the waves were some of the biggest waves our group had ever sailed they were stoked to have the chance to ride them in a safe environment.

Tuesday the winds and the waves died down a bit. We spent a little more time on land working on our bottom turns wave riding our hills of sand. While others enjoyed the lighter winds to get more comfortable sailing in the harness and perfecting their fast tacks. Most agreed the lighter planing winds gave them a chance to slow down to catch the waves rather then easily out running them. A beautiful Maui day inviting comfortable learning conditions for everyone.

Though the winds did die for a couple of days the waves continued to peel into the shore in glassy perfection! A rare event on the north shore of windy Maui. Everyone was keen to learn how to Stand Up surf and the whole group enjoyed catching the first waves of their lives. A new addiction was beginning. We also got more time to spend on land working on flipping the rig so that when a breeze showed up again everyone was able to perfect the last part of their jibes. A wonderful week full of laughter, great sailing and surfing as well as some killer BBQ’s and nights out! Thanks to Erin for her gourmet zest and I don’t think I’ve ever seen steaks that big before in my life let alone eating one!

Big Aloha Everyone! It was a blast! Happy Sailing,

Matt and Shawna

Quotes from Aloha Windsurfing guests:

Matt & Shawna,

T hanks again for a fantastic clinic! Sue and I both feel that we’re on the verge of a big breakthrough in our sailing, because of what you taught us this week:

  • “number 6” stance
  • long harness lines
  • waist harness (for me)
  • how to launch in shorebreak
  • how to get out through waves
  • how to look upwind and wait for waves
  • how to turn down the line and back upwind
  • how to efficiently flip the rig in a jibe
  • how to downhaul and outhaul the sail correctly
  • (and much more, but these were some of the big ones)

… next time we get on the water, we think we’re going to be much better sailors!

It was also a lot of fun SUPing, and just hanging out with you guys. We can’t wait for our next clinic with you!

Kemin Tsung