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SUP,  Surf,  Snorkling Excursions, Intro to Windsurfing, Yoga & Qigong




The sea brings me back to me.

This 5 day holiday retreat on Maui taps us into a greater state of wellbeing through ocean based activities.  It’s intended to jump-start your fitness routines with walks and yoga on the beach, swims and aqua exercises in natural reef protected pools. We focus on using core strength, cardio and resistance training that we get naturally while we are in the ocean. Whatever your level, we introduce you to a variety of ocean sports, Qigong and yoga.

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 We will guide you into the heart of Maui and your own well being. We offer mind, soul and full body stimulating excursions. This is not a typical retreat. We are a full immersion into the environment. We don’t withdraw from our surrounding, we leap into the magic of Maui.





Vitamin Sea, Ocean Sculpted Bodies and Island Health.

You will feel fantastically toned and strong after your days in the water. Your mind will lose the “frazzled feeling” through active meditation.

The challenges of learning new sports and ‘energy moving practices’, makes you feel stronger and more confident.

We introduce organic foods, and a healthy diet which come straight from Maui’s groves and vegetable gardens. Coconuts, papayas, fish, avocados, mangos, sweet potatoes, oranges, limes, bananas and many other healing fruits and vegetables all  grown 365 days a year on island



Lose yourself to the ocean and you will find peace of mind.



Included in the Getaway

5 nights of single or shared accommodation.

3 yoga ‘stretching into the day’ sessions.

2 Qigong sessions

5 ocean based activities whether it’s learning to surf, sup, intro to windsurfing & snorkel explorations. Activities will be based on the weather and conditions.


What to Expect

Mornings will start with Qigong and/or Yoga on the beach, followed by one ocean adventure each day. Holiday includes discovering epic views from a ridge hike or snorkeling with the turtles. There will be flexibility based on weather conditions, but rest assure we will always choose the right activities that suit the day, the conditions and the individuals.

We adore exploring and we will whisk you off to stand up paddle in Maui’s sparking turquoise ocean, bask on pristine white sand beaches,  visit wild jungles or cruise the local unique enclaves. Evenings are spent enjoying sunset, walks on the beach and local fine dining.


The Experience

These precious days will connect you with the outdoors, new adventures, your inner self and other like minded people. Expect a week full of active meditation, fitness, beauty, core workouts, discovery, taste sensations and pampering when needed. We encourage our guests to flow and embrace the real pace of the island lifestyle.





Date: Nov 3rd – 7th  2016

Ocean Wellness Retreats

Surf, SUP, Windsurf, Snorkel, Qigong & Yoga

Our rates include 5 nights and 4 full days of daily activities. Also included, private or shared accommodations for each guest.

Please contact Shawna: Shawna Cropas with any questions you may have.






What is a typical day during our Ocean Retreat program?

Each day you will experience one beach yoga or Qigong session. Our goal is to get you experiencing  one water sports a day.

How long is the program?

Five nights 4 full days.

Are couples welcome?


What is the weather during the different seasons?

Yes, Maui has distinct seasons. Winter time has surf on the north shore and summer time the waves are on the south shore.

Will I have the ability to check in with my family and business?

Yes, we keep our program open and you are able to pick and choose what you want to do. We are not a boot camp. Of course we want you to have the maximum experience, but this is your adventure.

Do you allow takeover weeks and can the program be tailored for any fitness level?

Yes, we love to tailor special programs for groups. We love what we do.




Organic reef friendly sunscreen, rash guard, long sleeved wetsuit top, or full wetsuits (short leg & long arm), swimsuits, towels, active wear, running shoes, hats, sunglasses, your own mask and snorkel.