Posted on Oct 19, 2010


For the first two days, Aloha Windsurfing Clinics enjoyed steady 15 to 20 mph winds and knee high waves which made the conditions perfect for practicing our carve jibes though there were lighter winds inside for others to work on their rig handling skills and footwork. Yesterday the winds were super light, though great for taking out bigger boards and practicing turns at a slower pace and harness work in mellower conditions. Today we’ll be working doing more on land simulator work as well as a rigging clinic. It looks like a BIG swell will be coming in later this week along with higher winds. Sailing conditions have started out nice and easy giving us plenty of time to work on our technique so were ready for the higher winds and waves that will be coming at the end of the week. Looking forward to more fun on the water!



Midweek the predicted waves arrived while the winds eased off. We took advantage of the conditions with some light wind wave hunting, seduce and capture fun. With some of our guest catching some of the biggest waves of their life. The lighter winds also gave us plenty of time to practice our on land muscle memory techniques where we were able to put them into practice on the water on bigger boards to learn the correct movements in lighter winds. This especially helps for breaking down the carve jibe into clear understanding movements. We also tried our hands at SUPing  to improve our surf balancing skills while some opted to check out other attractions on our lovely island such as snorkeling in Wailea.



By the end of the week the trade winds were back in full force blowing a steady 20 to 25 mph without having to ‘sacrifice a virgin to the volcano gods’, after all. Perfect for putting all our light wind practice into high wind gear. It was carve jibe mania, wave searches were out and bunnies got their chop hop action. A plethora of wind and wave conditions came our way this week to challenge our windsurfing knowledge and skills in turquoise seas under a warm sun. Evenings were spent enjoying beer and pizza at Flatbread, exotic curries and mediterranean platters at Cafe des Amis and potluck style BBQ’s at Sprecks thanks to Joe and Carol. With a mix of characters, hilarious windsurfing tales and aching muscles, Matt and I enjoyed our time with you all! Until next time….. Happy Sailing, Matt and Shawna



All photos by Constantin Gross.

Much more Aloha to come!




Quotes from Aloha Windsurfing Guests:


Hi Shawna

T hank you so much. I’ve had a great time which was most important for my first windsurfing trip on my own. I learned a lot, even if most of it is a work in progress. I’m changing almost all aspects of my sailing. I wish it was not the end of the sailing season but hope to be back in May for your clinic.



Dear Matt and Shawna,

T hanks for an amazing windsurfing week!  You both really worked hard to maximize our learning and fun.  During my last run on the last day (when I was totally overpowered),  I bent my knees and reached my hand way back and scored a beauty of a jibe!  Since I have been home, I definitely have seen continued progress.  For instance, while brushing my teeth, I did the jibe footwork to perfection – and Shawna, did I stay low!   And at exercise class, we were supposed to be doing squats, but I was chop hopping all over the gym, Matt!  My partner, Laurel, looks up and says, “You’re chop hopping aren’t you?”

So, I just want to thank you guys, because I have it back – the windsurfing buzz!  I can’t wait to get in the waves again!

Look forward to windsurfing with you in the future!