Posted on Nov 9, 2013

IMG_1534 602086_572799582757710_1510697995_n IMG_1255 IMG_1286 1379254_653372524683180_2140299125_n1380214_653372624683170_1130244558_nIMG_1616 IMG_1631 IMG_1679 IMG_1544 IMG_1548 IMG_1558 IMG_1568 IMG_1576 IMG_3684 IMG_3753 IMG_4152October madness tore through town like a Tasmanian devil. As usual it was a month full of action on and off the water. The winds blew the ocean rolled out its red carpet of mast high rolling waves for the contest. Our Aloha Windsurfing Clinic kick started the month with manageable waves and light winds which built through out the week and ended with a fantastic glassy day of surf. Guest arrived from all over the world, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, OZ and the mainland. Our group even got a chance to catch up with all the Aloha Classic Wave Champions like Levi and Brawzino before they claimed their titles. The week was full of entertainment with BBQ’s, Makawao town fairs and local, local haunts for delicious dinners. The buzz on Maui was roaring as loud as a wave like Freight Train’s hitting the shorelines on 50 foot days. Halloween parties and costumes…Windsurfing pros from all over the world were hitting ho’okipa hard with their natural flair and talent…  Matt and I joined the the flurry of contest rivals at our local beach park … And as usual, Maui delivered the goods.



Oct Aloha Clinic Testimonials


Hi Matt and shawna


Thanks to you two I have totally caught the windsurf bug….again


I went out for  my first wave session in Australia at torquay. It was 33 knots with waves over mast high. Epic!


I bought a new rig for the occasion… A severance blade 4.7, enigma boom and gorilla mast. The guy threw in a 2010 3.7 naish session.


I started out on the 3.7. It was horrible. Either no power or blown over. I had to do the walk of shame to get back.


So I rigged the 4.7 knowing I would be totally over powered especially on my 101 liter board. Everyone one else was on 4.2m sails and 70 liter boards. So I made the number 6, got low, and got smashed. Awesome fun. Totally over powered. The chop had two foot faces. I was continuously airborn. The guy in front of my was doing loops both ways. I looked over my shoulder to see another guy 8m up in the air.


Being totally overpowered and facing the biggest waves I’ve ever seen is a daunting combination. I caught one little wave and ran for my life away from the big ones. Soooo much fun.


Love your work