Posted on Apr 7, 2014

3E9A7460April bring back the winds with such force my limbs are nearly snapped in half as my over powered up sail rips me through a bottom turn and into a mad race for the lip. IMG_3186_2IMG_3244IMG_3286

It’s windsurfing season and the trees are shaking. Gone is the gorgeous winter of pumping glassy surf and lazy beach days under palm trees. Runs have been replace by daily visits to Ho’okipa and turmeric (best natural inflammatory) infused teas to help with with sore joints and the daily wears and tears of wavesailing.3E9A5783IMG_3310IMG_32931899723_10203575523492402_1792266364_oIMG_3289

Except of course when the trade winds turn north and cold… Then I might skip a windsurfing session for a run down a south side beach snapped straight from post card Maui. Here new discoveries are made; beaches I’ve never visited, tourist information on sailing or just tranquil views of our tropical coconut tree fringed beaches. IMG_3271