Posted on Mar 25, 2011


The wind outside rattles the house and rushes through the palm trees sounding like a torrent river.  The kinetic energy of wind energizes us right out of our sleepy windless winter. We’re holding on tight to our smallest sails here in Hawaii. When it breezes, it wails. Windsurfing equipment now remains permanently in the back of the truck.  This years spring look is, hair crusted and styled by sea salt and natures fastest drying, blow dryer.  Maui is windy, windy, windy. My muscles scream at me to stop for a moments rest after weeks of pigging out on the conditions.  Adrenaline charges the body, especially after some big wave days trucked in while the wind bent foliage in half like ladies dipped in their partners arms after a dance.



I personally have been having a blast! Minus the day I got trashed on the rocks. My board came out looking like I’d tried to shove it down a giant garburator.  I’m trying to sail big boards and big sails in these winds as I am currently waiting on repairs…. Hovering just barely on the realms of control. The question is not how well can I turn on the waves…. But can I stick this board and hold on to the power.  Ha. Challenging and fun! There’s wind, there’s waves, there’s blue skies and fluffy clouds….. What more could a wind boarder want!



May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face…