Posted on Aug 18, 2011







Rain beats a metallic tattoo across the roof of my truck…

Lines I read out of Chasing Clayoquot by David Pitt-Brook….. It’s been an unusually rainy summer… Though we’re still on Maui and the sun cracks like a yolk by midday. Rainy days make good reading weather. Does anyone even read books anymore? Lol!  Well if you do, I highly recommend The Tiger and The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne, The Curve of Time by M. Wylie Blanchet or Adventures in Solitude by Grant Lawrence. All about real amazing people and places, human madness, history and crazy stories.




With some funky onshore conditions and high tide coinciding with the higher afternoon winds, Ho’okipa is barely managing a ripple. Which means Pavils for baby surf. Swim lessons with Reef. Catching one foot wonders on a long boards, sailing hopeful wind swells or giving up and just going snorkeling. Today I opted for snorkeling and was wowed by the underwater world. Just pass where the surf breaks at Ho’okipa where it drops off into deeper water mystery caverns and crevices lurk waiting to be explored. The reef formations are fun and it’s like being in an underwater maze… Ya never know what’s around the corner! Loads of Humuhumunukunukuapua’as, Hawaii’s national fish also known as Trigger fish.

I saw a huge half eating lobster with leopard like markings, baby tuna, flat fish with extraterrestrial markings, spotted eagle rays and iridescent cuttlefish with one eye looking straight at me like a defiant being. Turtles are everywhere! I’m convinced that the true Turtle Bay is really Ho’okipa. As always I’m never bored on Maui. Actually I feel like there’s not enough time to explore all the things I’d like to do, (One of the problem with being a windsurfing/surfing junky is that it takes up most of my time).

At least when the winds or the waves turn off I’m not left twiddling my thumbs… Suddenly I’m bombarded with possibilities! It’s a stress to decided should I go mountain biking in the Makawoa forest, drive to Hana or hike the crater under a full moon? I’m thinking about going snorkeling and taking a SUP board to Wailea where the water is pristine like postcard Hawaii… Or will that small north west bump show up and will the wind pick up for a quick session at Ho’okipa to practice a turn or two. Darn it. Guess all the rest of the ‘things to do this summer’, might just have to wait… As the madness of a windsurfer turns round and round!!



…But who’s complaining, not me. Think I’ll try out my new underwater camera tomorrow, take Reef for a swim and check out island fish around colorful coral heads in that dreamy postcard of Wailea before Reef goes down for nap in the afternoon and I head out to sea for a sail!  With plenty of time to clean the house and make dinner for sunset over the coconut and jacaranda trees I’ve got growing in the garden.

All and all just another summer day in the life on Maui!

And if you ever wondered what is underfoot at Ho’okipa these photos are for you!!


Aloha, Shawna