Posted on May 24, 2013

IMG_8052South Side

April/May have been a good mix of windsurfing, surfing, SUPing, gardening and yoga. The sunsets have been gorgeous, the days have been getting longer and the backyard pool is back up to dip out of the heat. The Humpback whales have all left for Alaska while lychee and mangos come into season. Our tomatoes are hanging like red xmas bulbs all over the garden and my pineapples are actually starting to fruit after a few years since I planted them. Friends and family visits have been in abundance with ‘staycations’ making the best vacations!

IMG_0175970606_520481147989554_696892340_nHeart Maui

… But the wind has been weird. The trade wind machine has been having glitches and coughing spurts. Since early March, Maui winds have been extremely on and off with weeks of no wind. Unusual conditions for spring. Usually this is when the winds start winding up, instead we’ve been getting endless days of glassy surf. This kind of weather is what we expect during winter months…. Unlike the stormy endless windy winter we had.

North Shore SUPing

April was it’s usual busy month shooting the 2014 gear on Maui with JP-AUSTRALIA. Some great images were had. I have to say I was most fond of the new ladies Venus SUP line. Martin left the 8’10 surf style one here with me…. And it’s really fun. Surfs like a dream.

West Side SunsetEs

I’ve become more interested in SUP on days when Ho’okipa is small and packed. The other day was a perfect example of how SUPing is now fitting into my life. Ho’okipa was crowded and any head high waves were devoured by the most talented and aggressive surfers. I had a good couple of hours surfing every peak in attempt to catch a few waves here and there when I looked over at Lanes….. Completely empty, glassy and perfect. What am I doing hustling around with all these young kids? I went straight back to the truck and got my SUP and paddled out to a perfect turquoise, crystal clear breaking wave without a soul around. This is practically unheard of on Maui. I think one of the benefits of SUPing is the ability to paddle off to some far away uncrowded break and enjoy some alone time with the waves. Though if Ho’okipa is firing I’d still be hard pressed to throw in my short board for a SUP session.


May brought us the biggest south swell Maui’s had in five years! Nothing like oily smooth waves breaking all over the island. The choices of surf destinations were endless. We had a few good days SUPing and surfing over head high Launiopoko and over head empty Ho’okipa.  Good times.