Posted on Sep 5, 2014


Glassy head high surf has been coming at us from all corners of the globe. It’s been ecstatic ‘surf-gasms’ for weeks now. Not sure if it’s right to receive this much pleasure in one month. SUP, long boards and short boarding through our own ‘Endless Winter in Summer’.


For that reason I took a day off to dive under the waves and ‘hang out with the locals!’ Especially enjoyed watching seashells and their perfectly camouflaged seaweed looking bodies grooming the ocean floors.


From the beach it’s back to the house to paint. My ‘revolving door’ around family, the ocean, art, books and work. I dive into my paintings like I dive into books, like I dive into the calm of a wild sea.

IMG_2836Untitled 4

Some of my all time favorite painting were created during a space ” of mind, no mind”.  Past the walls of thinking, like my brushes were dipped straight into the universe. Like tapping into an eternal intelligence beyond our own years. A timeless, lawless space. Structureless. A place to travel without constraints. Like the surface of water.


Speaking of travel- I can’t recommend this book enough. Fatu-Hiva by Thor Heyerdahl-I couldn’t put it down. It suits my love for nonfiction adventure, fabulously intelligent writing and thoughts. Now on to Bones of the Master- A journey to secret Mongolia by George Crane. Getting quickly swept away by this book too. So much to see, to learn, so many places to visit and explore. A book is the closest we can get to actually “walking in someone else’s shoes.”  An instant transportation to new places, people and different ways of thinking.


Besides, what is a person without a story?