Posted on Dec 28, 2012


December is always a fun month full of cheer, bright lights and social events while surfing/wavesailing conditions go off the Richter scale. Though the month started with glassy conditions it was soon taken over by the most wintery of sailing conditions. We’ve been on 4.0 and 4.2’s and still we were getting blown off the water. Haiku has been cold and wet which makes it all the better for big prime rib dinners with friends and setting up the hawaiian Cook Pine for decorations.

We took a step out to Boston for a week to get a taste of twinkling nights, xmas trees galore and a touch of a white xmas with a dusting of snow to get into the spirit.

 … And back to Maui to celebrate the New Year and some uncrowded sailing at Ho’okipa!

 Just tried BLUESMITHS Women’s Kanaha hydrophobic water shirt after doing a photo shoot for them. I’m surprised at how dry and warm I actually remained. I have a problem with rash guards as I usually get too cold wearing them as they stay wet the whole time and the wind just whisks the heat away from my body.  With wetsuits I have the opposite problem,  I overheat and the arms constrict the flow of blood causing some serious pain in my arms. This is why I usually just wear a swimsuit. The other day I wore my BLUESMITHS windsurfing and I’m stoked that I stayed cozy as the shirt remained dry,  keeping me warm and the sun off my skin!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year!

How’s that for footprints? Not mine, but someone left them behind at the Mana parking lot!