Posted on Oct 23, 2012


October has alway been a super fun month from days back in Ireland to now on Maui. It’s when the northern hemisphere’s winter storms are firing massive swells to all the beaches from Brandon Bay, Ireland across the board to Maui and beyond. It’s also the time of year when wave contest are in full swing. The BWA host Tiree to Ireland, the PWA just finishes up with Sylt and Maui heads into the final AWT Ho’okipa wave contest. Around all this action is the month of pumpkin carving, Halloween costumes and parties.  There’s an adrenaline charge to October seas with exciting wisps of spooky fun off the water…What more can an ADD person want!

As usual Reef and I have spent the whole month messing around with costumes and face paints as we like to make sure we are a 100% in the spirit of October. It’s pumpkin carving time and the Goulin Rouge, “Circle de Freak” party happens Friday, in-between the Ho’okipa Makani Wave Event. We’ll see how we fair in the competition after a night out like that!  We’re happy fifteen girls have registered and we hope some more will join in on the fun!

This month also brings us the October Aloha Clinic! It was a jamming week with eighteen guest and wind everyday. Our Aloha Windsurfing Clinic one Maui sprang off the starting blocks with solid winds that maintained their strength right through to the end of our seven day windsurfing holiday. The conditions were so perfect, we couldn’t have dreamed up a better workshop. The winds rustled the palms that swayed in the tropical setting right into beer o’clock and sunsets of burning red and Halloween oranges everyday.

Matt and I were able to reach out to a wide range of sailors form improvers to experts. The Aloha Clinic’s diamond in the mix is the island of Maui where on any given day there are flat water conditions on the inside while waves are breaking on the reefs for those sailor who want to advance their down the line skills. We were stoked that we had guest coming from all over the U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland and Australia.  It was a fantastic group with many new things learnt with plenty of laughs along the way. Waterstarts were achieved. Jibes were cracked and the forward loop finally happened for Tim!  Well done everyone!  Thank you to Neil Pryde Maui, Vela and JP-AUSTRALIA for helping all this become a reality!


We look forward to sailing with you all again in paradise!




Aloha Windsurfing Clinic October 2012 – Vela
First, thanks to Shawna Cropas and Matt Pritchard for a fantastic windsurfing week!
The participant: mid-aged female, less experienced windsurfer; frolics 2-5 days/year, in light wind, thigh to chest deep, flat water conditions.
The setting: uncrowded Sprecks Beach, shore break, waves and swells, gusty strong winds (15-25 mph), deep blue water.
The Clinic: comprehensive, total immersion for the novice to advanced sailors. Shawna emphasized –
1) Safety, including how to handle rig and board in the shore break.
2) Core skills, including stance, beach start, waterstart, tacks, jibes, harness and foot strap use.
3) Photo and video analysis to identify “bad habits” and specific corrective steps to undo them.
4) Lesson demonstration and practice on the beach and on the water (with Shawna and Matt trailing behind on their gear – doing real-time coaching and video capturing).
Impression: superb, enthusiastic, and effective instructors. Sharp learning curve. Fun, supportive group setting.
The risks – Real-world amnesia and windsurfing addiction.
The benefit – Happiness!!!

Yung Lie, MD


G’day Shawna/Matt,


Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic week of instruction and sailing, I have to say the course exceeded all my expectations. You are both excellent instructors as well as a wonderful team and did a great job with everyone in our group given the wide range of experience levels.  Like anything you are always learning and it was great to go over some of the basic and intermediate skills, rigging tips as well as trying to achieve my own personal goals of improving my wave riding technique and going for a forward! I’ve felt that I haven’t really progressed in my sailing for quite a few years so to go over some of the basics on the beach and then put it into practice on the water not only took my sailing to another level enabled me to get rid of the bad habits which waste so much energy when you are on the water. I was sooo stoked that I got to try forwards and to get as close as I did to sailing away from one…so thanks for giving me the push I needed Matt and your one on one time. I’ll remember this week and that last session at Spreck’s for many years to come as a big turning point not just for my sailing but for me as a person.


Being able to hang out with a couple of the legends of our sport every night was pretty darn cool too…