Posted on Jul 19, 2011



On Maui when most of our friends flock to places like Fiji and Indo during the summer months we headed to Canada’s rugged west coast to get some much loved quiet and solitude in the wild. A place where the air is cool and moist and the cathedral like rainforest tinkles with droplets of water well after the rains have stopped. Here the trees sweep down from snow capped mountains and march straight into the Pacific ocean stopped only by vast open crescent beaches aptly titled Long Beach. The scent of briny kelp and decomposing forest pines carried on the wisp of cool winds are familiar smells which stir up fond childhood memories. My sense of place comes back to me as my muscles relax….

We surfed and caught wave after wave, sweating in our wetsuit on this conveyor belt of bliss right in front of our accommodation, the awesome Wickannish Inn.

After endless days of sun and packed surf on Maui is was actually refreshing and rejuvenating to surf in completely empty glassy bottle green waves in skin biting cold water. Soul surfing at it’s best with bald eagles soaring over head and seals passing by.

The West Coat both thrills and soothes me. I’m comforted by the wild of the wilderness as though all is right in the world, with the roaming of bears, barking Sea Lions, spouting Grey Whales & Humpback Whales,  lounging seals and ever watching eagles. Later we were stoked to be surprised by a pod of Orcas sweeping by and breaching high out of the water while we were on my cousin’s boat for sunset.

 A stunning gorgeous trip. West Coast style.